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Your name is one of the most important things you own

Your name is one of the most important things you own.

Everything someone knows about you immediately comes to mind when they hear or see your name. Every experience they’ve had with you, the way you make them feel and everything you stand for rushes to them in one moment.

What is it that people think of when they see your name? Is it your sharp wit, intense passion, fierce fashion sense or amazing kindness? The art of developing a brand is based on the age-old principle of “what’s in a name.”

Whether you’re building a business, developing a personal brand, or developing your own sense of identity, being intentional about how you show up in the world is so important.

How do you make people feel when they experience you (and is it what you want their experience to be?)

Comment below — How do you want people to feel when they experience you?

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