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What have you been waiting for?

I love listening to podcasts while I’m doing cardio. I get so many ideas and usually leave with a ton of notes typed in my “research later” list. My list is really varied and covers a huge spectrum — from learning about 18thcentury fashion designers to digging in to different types of sales funnels. It’s where all of the things I wanted to learn about and do live until I have the time to get to them.

For so many of us, we put off things like getting in shape, starting a business and chasing our dreams until we have the time to do it or it’s the “right time.”

The truth is, it feels good to keep our dreams to ourselves. If we don’t achieve them, no one will ever know, so there’s no pressure. If we do achieve them, we’re afraid of how much it will change our lives. Despite how much we want our dreams to come true, some of us are more in love with the act of dreaming than achieving the actual dream.

It feels safe to say “one day I will…” and it’s comfortable to use the excuse that we never have time. Granted, some of us might really not have the time to sit for hours and do the inner work to learn who we really are, what makes us truly happy and what really drives us.

Good news, my friends! The universe has made a way for you to take the time you need to chase your dreams and make massive transformation. Right now, the world is on sort of a “pause” and if you’ve ever felt like you don’t have time or can’t catch up, you’re time is NOW.

We’ve never had this kind of opportunity in our lives — to just take the time to do the work, make massive change and experience true transformation.

You will either emerge stronger from this or you’ll spend the next phase of your life trying to catch up.

Comment below: What you’ve been putting off until the “time is right?”

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