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The Real Truth About Success

We’ve all read the self-help books, watched the TED talks and listened to the Podcasts that claim to outline some big “Success Secret.” The self-improvement industry isn’t exactly new, and while there are some amazing resources out there, I think a lot of people (myself included) have a tendency to miss the most important part of the process.

Most of us start down the yellow brick road without even really knowing where we’re going. And if we DO know where we’re headed, it’s usually because someone else told us we should go there.

There are so many definitions of success: happiness, confidence, wealth, love, this job or that career, a big house or being the first to do x, y or z. But the truth is that while these categories all sound fantastic, they’re not specific enough and they’re all relative. Relative to the individual person.

Some people cringe at the idea of being saddled down to a house note or having to clock in to the same office every day. Others would go crazy if they felt they didn’t have any roots down or knew what their schedules would be every single day.

The REAL truth about success is that YOU and you alone must get super specific about what success looks like for you. Not your Dad’s definition or your friend’s definition, but yours. Once you identify what’s important to you, then you have to dig deeper.

It’s not enough to say you want wealth, for example. How much wealth do you want? Why do you want it? Are you confusing wealth with just financial independence? Those are two drastically different directions — the difference between needing millions of dollars in your bank account or a few thousand dollars coming in each month.

When you get crystal clear about what you value, how you define success and what that looks like in your life, you’ll be able to start turning dreams and wishes into action and achievement.

Comment below ONE goal you want to accomplish this year — 6 months left, Legends…

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