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Fear will come; Do it afraid!

We’ve all been there - completely stoked about a new opportunity. Visions of all the possibilities running through our heads, imagining ourselves standing on the peak of achievement while the winds of success race all around us and fill our lungs.

It’s the visualization that sparks countless Google searches, journal entries and daydreams, and it fills us with hope and excitement for the future. But this amazing feeling has a sister emotion and her name is “Doubt.” One minute, we’re standing at the Summit of Success and the next minute, we’re at the very bottom of the Sea of Cynicism.

All of the doubts, worries, and fears that flood our thoughts when we start asking “what if?” What if I started my business? What if I committed to sculpting the body I’ve always wanted? What if I invested in myself and my dreams?

The brain is hardwired to protect us from risk and uncertainty, so any time we’re looking to go to a new level, it’s the brain’s natural reaction to stop us with a fear response.

The good news is that fear is perfectly natural and a good sign that you’re on the verge of leveling up in your life. The even better news is that while fear can be crippling and has killed more dreams than anything else, you have the power to move forward in the face of fear.

Given the human condition, it’s almost a guarantee that when you start chasing your dream, fear WILL come. But when you move forward anyway, take those steps even when you are afraid, amazing things will happen.

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