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If someone truly loves you, they will never require you to be less of yourself so they can love you

I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but you are right where you need to be. You are just right the way you are.

If someone in your life is withholding all of their love until you “get your act together” or just “act right,” they love their idea of you more than who you actually are. And the truth is, you are just right, my friend. When you are in alignment with who you’re meant to be, you’re like a tuning fork that resonates with everything that’s in alignment with you. And those things answer the call.

Birds were created to fly, it’s part of what they are at their core. And to love birds is to love a creature that flies. It’s a pretty common sentiment that birds should be able to freely fly and to cage them — to prevent them from flying — is in many ways, denying them one of the special things that make them what they are.

The same is true for the relationships that we’re in. If someone says they love you, but guilt you for being messy and artistic or maybe they love you, but just not that “gay part” of you, do they truly love you?

When I help people to build personal brands, we do a lot of work around their true identity and owning all of the parts that make them who they are. You have to first see all of the parts before you can accept all of the parts. It’s only then can you own who you are and step into your power.

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