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Do you own your voice?

Growing up, I was bombarded with countless voices telling me who I should be, how I should be and what I should value. They came from all directions – from well-meaning teachers and family, my social circles and from the television and film industry. The message was pretty much always the same: I should work to get good grades, get a good job, then act this way to succeed in that job.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll forever be thankful for the amazing people who have helped to shape me. And while I think everyone can benefit from guidance, it’s really important to put that advice in context. I was so wrapped up in trying to do everything “right” and listen to all of the voices, I forgot to actually find my own.

So many people can recite company policy, know exactly what their boss would want them to do, or know what every one of their friends would suggest they do. But, are any of those things what you actually want?

It wasn’t until a major life event shook me so much that I had to retreat deep into myself. No other voice could speak to my heart and heal it the way my OWN voice could. But, I was so used to hearing the voices of others in my thought process that I didn’t even know what my own voice sounded like.

When you do the work to untangle the values you’ve been taught from what you know to be true for you, is when you start to recognize what your voice sounds like.

I’ve written a guide to help you start the process of doing just that- Get your free copy at the link in my bio!

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